Agua de Flora Botanical Parfumerie

Blending flowers, leaves, woods, resins and seed essences into aromatic treasures is the art of botanical perfumery. We carefully avoid all synthetic laboratory-made imitations. Knowing our growers, distillers, and perfumers is key to insuring you this exquisite quality. Fine winemakers expect high quality in their bottles, and we want you to expect high quality in artisan perfumery.

We adore aromatic flowers and plants. They excite us, nurture us, help us to remember who we are, calm us at any time and connect us with others. When large-scale perfumers manipulate their healing qualities with chemicals, they not only run the risk of making people feel ill, they distort the many healing benefits of plants.

We all want to smell wonderful even with our vastly varying likes and dislikes. Our olfactory brain is animalistic in nature. We attract our lovers with our unique, personal pheromones. Wearing botanical perfumery, instead of its synthetic imitators, can open a whole new world of relationships for you.

"Forgotten worlds of beauty.
Music and scent. 
Songs of the earth & stars.
Awakening our senses. 
Alchemy reveals our essence.”

Nurture yourself without compromising your health! We offer exquisite handmade perfumes and healing herbal products made with the fragrant flowers and plants we adore. Unlike commercial fragrances, our Botanical Perfumes contain no synthetics, chemicals, preservatives, or animal products. As artisans, we are dedicated to the exceptional quality of old-world perfumery, fair trade, and organic agriculture.
Knowing our growers, distillers, and perfumers is key to ensuring the quality
our products.



Ashana Sophia Morrow and Ryan Hornback founded Agua de Flora Botanical Perfumery in 2010, while living on Maui. Ashana’s devotion to flowers, awareness of health, and love of people are the creative force behind the company. Ryan, a noted bodyworker and gardener, learned the alchemical process of hydro-distillation from mentor Jack Chaitman. 

Ryan was raised with a strong connection to the earth. His curiosity and connection to spirit led him to Eastern philosophy, meditation, yoga, massage, and the healing properties of essential oils.


From earliest childhood, Ashana hung herbs and flowers above her bed, made her own rosewater, and composed music. Later she studied botany and music, eventually developing an integrated expression of beauty and healing through plants and sound.


“We want to offer this magical experience of wearing real botanicals,” said Ryan and Ashana, “to re-inspire our relationship to nature. These botanicals are a doorway to the vital and intuitive information in plants.” Agua de Flora’s perfumes are produced by Ryan and Ashana’s good friend, perfumer and distiller, Christa Obuchowski, who is also their oldest child’s godmother.


You can also read about Ashana & Ryan's life in Louisiana (with photos) on the
Design Mom Blog



— G. Bengis
Mother, Gardener, Yoga Teacher 
(South Africa/Maui)

"One of my absolute travel essentials is to pack my precious perfumes from
Agua de Flora. I am constantly rubbing gardenia butter under my nose, and filling my scarf with the aroma of rose."


"Agua de Flora Botanical Perfumes have been a complete blessing in my life. To be able to smell such purity and beauty every day elevates my spirit and reminds me who I am. It has been very empowering and
I genuinely believe it helped me reconnect with my essence." 

— K. Griffiths, Mother, Artist, Founder of Mauimama Magazine, Musician (England/Maui)

— John Impey

Osteopath/Rolfer, Godfather  
(New Zealand/Maui)

"Aqua de Flora products are in a league of their own in quality blending and presentation. These products are imbued with a healing fragrance to uplift
your senses."