Ashana is a vocalist and classically trained cellist who also plays the esraj (Indian cello), harmonium (pump organ or melodeon), and keyboards. Her songs are a mixture of indie folk, Kirtan, Irish folk, and world music styles. Ashana has performed with Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Lukas Nelson, and Ram Dass. She frequently collaborates with Michael Doucet of BeauSoleil.


Her favorite performance so far took place at the exquisite Haiku Mill on Maui,
where she, with seven other women performers, created and produced an Island Ball.
Mick Fleetwood was in the enthusiastic audience, and enjoyed it so much he offered to participate in a repeat performance.


Ashana sees music as her otherworldly language:

My greatest hope is that my music touches
the unspoken crevices of our hearts,
where the forgotten parts of ourselves
are waiting to be felt. 



Read about Ashana Sophia’s musical journey and philosophy with 
Ana Leger's interview below.

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"For the past two years I have been singing with Ashana Sophia and can truly say it has been a transformative experience. Growing up in a very musical family, I have always loved to sing, but have been afraid that I am not good enough. Ashana has a gift of tapping into raw emotions, teaching her students to let go, harmonize, and feel into the music, all the while having fun, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying. She is incredibly humble, sincere, and fun loving, creating an environment of truth seeking, warmth, and love. She is a talented musician and her first CD is exceptionally beautiful. I feel incredibly blessed to attend Yoga of the Voice with Ashana Sophia and we in Lafayette are blessed to have a musician dedicated to the music of the heart.
Love you girl!"


—Jessica, Waldorf Teacher (Louisiana)

"I have had the joy of playing music with Ashana for five years and have never met another musician with such a beautiful combination of talent, dedication, and openness. Her angelic voice is soothing and nourishes deep in the heart. Her knowledge of classical cello and Indian music is outstanding. Her creativity and expression is one of pure devotion of the path of Love and healing through sound. Her graceful presence is uplifting and inspiring. Ashana is a true gem inside and out!"

—U. Bryce, Tabla Player, Founder of Gaia Tree Rubber Dolls (Hawaii)

"I took Ashana’s Sacred Chant classes to aid me in my journey to healing, but as it turned out for me, I only had to show up, allow my voice to come forth, and years of built up pain melted away. It was so much more than an aid; it was a remedy, an antidote to the toxic venom I’d been allowing to remain in the channels of my mind, bleeding into my thoughts and feelings, and distorting them. It felt like when you have a mild cold for a week or so, and you just get used to how you feel, and then you wake up one morning and you can breathe easier suddenly and you have more energy and you feel generally more cheerful and you think, “I feel a lot better! I forgot what this felt like.” I felt and continue to feelvery similar to that."

— A. Leger, Massage Therapist, Singer (Louisiana)

 "After gaining a deeper understanding of [the Kirtan lyrics], I became comfortable knowing that the reason I felt so peaceful and calm when I chanted was because of the fact that I was praising God. As I have continued listening to this music in my leisure time, and during my yoga practice, I have learned many of the words by heart and I rely on them during the day to bring me back to that place of peace and calm. Learning this “Yoga of the Voice” has brought me even closer to who I really am, my true self. The music has softened my heart,
it has softened me, it has become my way of giving praise and thanks with my voice and with my heart!"

— G. Kaltenbach, Medical Professional (Louisiana)