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About Us



Agua de Flora Botanical Parfumerie

Nurture yourself without compromising your health! We offer exquisite handmade perfumes and healing herbal products made with the fragrant flowers and
plants we adore. Unlike commercial fragrances, our Botanical Perfumes contain no synthetics, chemicals, preservatives, or animal products. As artisans, we are dedicated to the exceptional quality of old-world perfumery, fair trade, and organic agriculture. Knowing our growers, distillers, and perfumers is key to ensuring the quality of
our products.


"There is purity and integrity in each bottle from Agua de Flora, best described as high-art. The soul of the plant travels with me for days after application, it offers the space to remember our true nature."
— L. Harris,
graphic designer, painter, and ceramicist 
(South Africa)

Ashana Sophia Music

Ashana is a vocalist and classically trained cellist who also plays the esraj (Indian cello), harmonium (pump organ or melodeon), and keyboards. Her songs are a mixture of indie folk, Kirtan, Irish folk, and world music styles. Ashana has performed with Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Lukas Nelson, and Ram Dass. She frequently collaborates with Michael Doucet of BeauSoleil.


Her favorite performance so far took place at the exquisite Haiku Mill on Maui,
where she, with seven other women performers, created and produced an Island Ball.
Mick Fleetwood was in the enthusiastic audience, and enjoyed it so much he offered to participate in a repeat performance.


Ashana sees music as her otherworldly language: My greatest hope is that my music touches the unspoken crevices of our hearts, where the forgotten parts of ourselves are waiting to be felt.

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