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Ancient Songs

  • Description

    Dear listener,

    This music comes from my heart to you. Music and song have poured through me my entire life. Yet part of having music as a gift is the longing to collaborate with other musicians – musicians who appreciate and understand your particular sound. Chad is an incredible listener, and in this listening creates so much comfort and ease. With Anna Laura I feel the same instinctive harmony. Working with them on this album was a rare experience. To let the listener feel our connection and focus on the power of these melodies and ancient mantras, it was important to me to have an acoustic sound with just a few musicians. We recorded our harmonies live (not our original plan) because I wanted that feeling of friendship and sweetness to be tangible. We bring you this album in the healing energy of 432 Hz and all-acoustic instrumentation and hope the music and heart-centered mantras become a source of relaxation and joy. I would love to hear how they affect you.