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Lumiere - Heart Notes on the Bayou

  • Description

    Ashana’s second album with Chad Viator, Lumière ~ Heart Notes on the Bayou, was made possible by the Acadiana Center for the Arts and the Art Spark Grant. Chad’s artful guitar playing and Michael Doucet’s Cajun fiddle meld with elegant vocals, pulling from diverse musical traditions that favor minor scales to create a complex sensory experience. The musicians reveal affinities between classical stringed instruments, contemporary slide guitar, and the haunting drone of the harmonium. With Ashana’s soulful compositions in English and French and ancient mantras in Sanskrit and Gurmukh, Lumière takes the listener on an emotional journey.


    “Lumiere is my go-to album for courage and peace of mind. It holds songs of thankfulness, songs of sadness and songs to sing along. It awakens the spirit, calms the mind, allowing the surrender needed to appease tension and stress. It restores lightness of breath and ‘being’ to the highest vibrational frequency. The smooth, silky harmony of cello, violin, esraj, harmonium, slide guitar, and bass banishes that which does not serve, leaving only peace and ease. They awaken the dark, secret places, exposing them to a wonderful resonance offering nourishment and healing. The warm, flowing melodies slide through the cracks and crevices of my heart to caress my soul like a salve soothes a wound. One feels refreshed, awakened and all brand-new. If you would like to be enfolded in a golden orb of magical sound, I highly recommend Lumiere. It will whisk you away to a magical land of wishes, dreams, and fantasies.” - Carolyn Hidalgo