Sit by the fire as we breathe in the sacred woods of delight. Sweet innocence fills the air and peace returns to our hearts. Frankincense and sandalwood spark in the evening’s scent. As the circle grows still, we are serenaded by the delicious woody amber notes that bring nocturnal radiance.


Music and perfumery are ancient art forms whose union creates profound effects, both ethereal and tangible. The Seven Note Collection is an extraordinary set of perfumes designed to be enjoyed by blending on yourself and your friends. Each perfume in this unique collection correlates to a distinct energy center (chakra) in the subtle body, and to the musical note known to resonate in that particular center. Please forgive the limited selection; we are excited to announce that we are developing a new version of our perfumes in biodynamic alcohol: an all-natural, high quality eau de cologne.

Sacred Woods

  • 5 ml, Italian glass crystal roll-on

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