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Sundara - Call of the Earth & Sky


    Ashana’s first album is a prayer yearning for God. The inspiration behind these songs is cultivating the practice of devotion, choosing to live a life based in kindness. Ashana was unknowingly pregnant with her first child when she recorded this album with Ben Leinbach in San Francisco. She wanted to give back to the world of music, otherwise known as the sacred sound current (Naad), from which she continually receives so much. She hopes this album stirs the yearning for devotion in you as well. Bhakti is the path to God through the intelligence of your heart in song.


    “I am a fan of Ashana Sophia.  When I experience her singing, I immediately feel the love and devotion pouring from her soul. I get chills. She not only sings with such beauty and grace, but her energy is something so pure that the whole room transforms in her presence. That is what it is about to Ashana…the energy from her Soul. Therefore, her music is transcendent and takes me to my soul…. She is a singer/artist in the truest sense.”

    – Simrit Kaur