"Playing with you soothes my soul and spirit and allows the mundane and ego to melt. You can’t get better than that."

—Michael Doucet

"Oh Ashana!!! I listened to your album in its entirety this morning upon waking up. It is extraordinary! Your voice and the music and the magic of the instruments; it is haunting and transporting and delicious. Congratulations!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I’m truly awed. A spectacular accomplishment."

—Mira Rose

"The music is beautiful. I am in awe of your vocals and the arrangements. I will be playing it in my own classes for sure and I recommended it to our Kundalini teachers, as they are always needing new music with classic chanting. As soon as the other flow teachers hear your music in my class, they will be clamoring for it. Great Job. You should be so proud of this stunning work!"

—Whitney Allen (Wanderlust; Hollywood)

"I keep Lumière in my car and play it when I am leaving my day job. I use the sounds of this album as a tool to help shift my mind into a different place. 
I gather inspiration for the yoga sessions I create by listening to the sweet melodies and harmonies shared by A
shana. Thank you for singing and helping me explore these parts of me."

—Maria (Louisiana)

"It's a dream come true to be singing on an album like this one."

—Anna Laura Edmiston


"I got a taste of this album when I was home in Louisiana for Christmas, and tears filled my eyes as her voice, lyrics, and music wove their way into my heart, filling it with love. I highly recommend listening to and purchasing her CD, Lumiere! She and Chad Viator worked tirelessly for many moons to master these tracks and birth this into being. What a blessing! May you be blessed by this offering too!"

—Tracy, Jewelry Designer (California)

"I’m nannying a lot lately, and when the babies have a hard time I play your music, starting with God loves your tears...every time so far they stop crying and go into a deep, peaceful trance."

—Jessica Marie, Nanny and Artist (Utah)

"I've listened to your new song a few times now, and I'm overwhelmed and so happy. It has the beautiful melody and harmonies that you're known for, but pushed in a more challenging direction - and it's so satisfying. That's not the right word, but the variations in the bridges are so haunting and balance the sweetness of your vocals. It's what I knew you could do. can there be any more songs that are that great?  I can't wait to hear more songs."

—Ellen Dyer

"I’m so proud of you and your dedication to your dreams! You are so amazing! And beautiful!"

—Alyce Wise



"The Spread Your Wings: Mantra and Yoga Retreat at Blue Osa in Costa Rica was truly amazing. Bindu and Ashana created a unique experience that exceeded my expectations.  It was a full week of personal growth, meditation, new friendship and being in the present moment. Bindu’s yoga was energizing and chanting Mantra was a wonderful new experience. Ashana’s stunning voice led the group, creating a flowing energy throughout.  The vibrations relaxed my body and left me in a tranquil state of mind. My time at Blue Osa was truly indescribable . I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect week of peace, reflection, adventure, laughter and a life time of memories."

—Erika Ramke

"Thank you Ashana and Bindu for this profoundly healing and inspiring retreat, twinning two things I love so much: yoga and chanting! To practice and play on the remote and wild Osa peninsula was extraordinary. The Blue Osa eco-resort was amazing. They were so kind and the food was fabulous. I am so glad you found this place for the retreat. It is deeply inspiring to be so close to the intense and rugged natural world, surrounded by the ocean and the jungle, and the fantastic wild life. I felt we were singing to the creatures and the plants! Everyday was different for our practice; I appreciate so much your thoughtful and creative teachings. It was a deep pleasure to sing with you and let our voices carry into the rainstorms, the canopy, the vast ocean. Loved this retreat!"

—Lynda Freeze

"All of the staff at the Osa and the surrounding area- the plain, the ranch where we met and rode stunning sweet horses, the waterfalls we climbed down and the farms we visited that supplied us with the most luscious fruits, vegetables, chocolate and coffee- were intimately open hearted, kind, generous and so loving. They will never be forgotten. Sometimes it is possible to make memories that imbue your lifetime with a certain glow, a patina of shared experience. I feel so blessed that this happened at the Blue Osa with Ashana by my side, as my angelic guide and fearless leader into the beauty and healing of the sacred sound current. I hope sincerely to return very soon, for more of the Osa."

—Bethany A. Sanchez

"Ashana Sophia and Bindu Patel gave a wonderful yoga retreat at Blue Osa Resort in Costa Rica a few weeks ago. The experience of a yoga retreat was my first and it was amazing! From the yoga classes led by Bindu and the music and singing led by Ashana, I learned and experienced many great things. New friendships were formed, including the wonderfully warm and caring staff of Blue Osa, and old friendships were deepened. I learned how quiet times in the mornings created moments of bonding with friends and partners, while just listening to nature around us. Thank you, Bindu and Ashana for organizing and leading us on this journey."

—Sheri Dearborne

"I met Ashana one year ago when she came to introduce chanting to those of us studying to be yoga instructors. I was captivated by the sounds of her harmonium and her angelic voice. This past May, I attended "Spread your Wings Yoga Retreat" with Bindu Patel and Ashana Sophia in Costa Rica. What a dynamic duo! Ashana would perform in the evenings for all the yogis and families. My husband was amazed by her beautiful voice and the music she played on her harmonium. Ashana stayed focused,  even thou, her child was home with stitches. She has a beautiful soul and immensely talented, we could feel her sounds deep in my bones."

—Kate Dore

"Ashana Sophia fit perfectly into this lush and fecund paradise. Her voice, music, mantra, readings, dharmic conversations and courtly charming effervescent nature made the long sessions in the jungle tantric, extraordinary, soulful and penetratingly deep. So much was cleansed, released, shared and flowed. It was truly a magical and transformative experience. I could feel intrinsic parts of me shifting, blossoming open, thawing and receiving such loving downloads and guidance. As a student of kundalini, it resonated with my learning and led me even deeper into the technology of mantra and the naad. I was able to reach into myself and polish my soul with the sacred songs, the beautiful poetry, the light."

—Bethany Sanchez