The Beauty Way
An Immersion Experience & Retreat
Maui, Hawaii   January 26–29, 2023

​Welcome to The Beauty Way. These magical and otherworldly days and nights will be spent together in Maui, Hawaii - one of the most pristine and healing places on the planet. Away from the hustle and bustle you’ll be able to begin the process of unwinding your nervous system and heart. We’ll listen and sing together, allowing who we are and who we want to be to merge. We’ll share our hearts through song and discover ways in which you were personally gifted to re-inspire harmony and love. This is best done within the container of a safe and sincere group. 


The shortest-longest journey we’ll ever take is learning to sing from our hearts. The vocal cords are a direct link between your soul, heart and brain. We learn by embracing and embodying these known and unknown energies. We cultivate feelings of grounding, and recognition in harmony when we cultivate our true kindness towards ourselves and each other. Lovely friends, you will be served the most delicious food, swim in the ocean, sit silently, have philosophical discussions, and make new connections.

We all need to unplug, and, sometimes we need to immerse ourselves into the beauty of nature to reset our nervous systems for real change to happen.

Meet Your Host

Ashana Sophia

We all want to express ourselves: to be heard and received with sincerity.Your voice is the gateway between your heart and mind.

As we sing the kirtans, our energetic frequencies become stronger; as the sound penetrates our beings, vibrating within us, we feel satisfied and connected.


As our hearts call out for the Divine, we bring forth our sacred song. We become open—free from the ego's exhausting self-consciousness—and our lives can take on new meaning.

Ashana Sophia, sacred chant artist, yoga teacher, founder of Agua de Flora perfumery and herbalist was introduced to plants, yoga, music, and spiritual practice at an early age. Schooled in music and yoga, she cultivated the devotion and skills that have allowed her to blossom into a compelling teacher and musical artist.


Ashana lives and teaches in Maui and abroad, performing prayers and chants, and teaching yoga retreats. Her recordings include SundaraLumiere, Heart Notes on the Bayou, and Ancient Songs.

"Ashana and her equally gifted percussion accompanist guided all 40 of us–both long-time and newer Yoga of the Voice practitioners–on a journey of song, chant, poetry, meditation, individual and group reflection, humor, and story-telling. Ashana has the natural insight and capacity to offer each person what they need in the present moment of their unique personal transformation and spiritual growth, in a safe, fun atmosphere infused with humility and respect. To hear her sing–and to hear one’s self and others sing with her–is to be graced with a soulful experience."

—William Savage

Kundalini yoga teacher (Louisiana)

“I am a fan of Ashana Sophia.  When I experience her singing, I immediately feel the love and devotion pouring from her soul.  I get chills.  She not only sings with such beauty and grace, but her energy is something so pure that the whole room transforms in her presence. Her music is transcendent and takes me to my soul.
She is a singer and artist in the truest sense.”

—Simrit Kaur

Musician/World Chant Artist (California)

General Information


Jan 26-29, 2023




$2222 USD

  • 4–days and 3–nights of eco-friendly accommodations

  • 3 meals a day

  • Daily yoga and meditation

  • Wi-fi

  • Airfare to Hawaii

  • Extra excursions

  • Alcohol